Our Mission
Redefining PARTNERSHIP in seafood business
Winning through partnering

Our Vision
To be 1 STOP seafood trading company
To be your REAL SEAFOOD partner
Making Seafood sourcing simplified

Our Services
Trading and sourcing seafood
Corporate Purchasing Services
Market and product development Consultancy

Our Products
SHRIMPS- Black tiger, Vannamei, Sea water etc.
CEPHALOPODS: Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus etc.
Value Added Products
Bespoke product


Cupid Trading Limited, with head office based in UK, is a young Seafood company backed by more than 25 years of accumulated experiences from factory floor to international sales in Seafood industry. We don’t JUST source seafood which any trader can do, we bring unique customised Solution including sourcing that can help your business sustain and grow better with trusted and qualified partners in markets and origins world-wide. We take care of you sourcing headache from A to Z allowing you to spend more time to sell. Even we have given some customers Exclusivity in exchange Cupid trading has doubled their turnover on 2nd year of operations. It was more possible with the well familiar in EU market, the founder of Cupid trading, Mr. Robbie Ahsan.Read More...

After many years of service experiences in seafood industry in different capacities, Mr. Robbie has developed a supply chain framework that can make “Seafood Sourcing Simplified” with Customer’s success at the core of Cupid’s business principles. We can source certified products (MSC, ASC, BAP, HALAL, KOSHER, Global GAP etc.) and / or traditional products that our customers need maintaining that our suppliers at origins have minimum BRC, ISO, HACCP etc. to make sure internal quality standard.Our “Winning through Partnering” mission empowers our team to seamlessly work 24/7 to create fit for purpose deals, negotiate and provide 100% honest information/suggestions which we activate through our 6 core operating principles

Teamwork | Responsiveness | Integrity
Caring partners’ business | Self-Commitment | Exclusivity where possible

In short, whoever your customers, whatever they need within Frozen seafood- Wholesaler, Food service, Short term/long term tenders, Ready meal producer, Ho Re Ca- we are here to cater your demand.

Experienced supplier of ASC, BAP, ISO, Halal, IFS certified and traditional frozen seafood from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Our Mission

Winning through partnering Cupid trading operates on the principle that the impact we have on our customers’ and partners’ success will directly impact the success of our own business. Our mission empowers our team to deliver high-quality and customer-centric service to each customer to win loyalty. We create long-term partnership for effective and efficient supply chain management from choosing the right origin, right supplier, right products to after sales service including New Product Development if needed.Read More...

Our Strengths

The supply chain networks comprising our customers, Suppliers and dedicated teams around all origins – are and will remain our main strengths always. Below is how we manage that strength to benefit our partners.

Making Things Happen

Seafood business being dependant on nature, unforeseen issues are sometimes inevitable. Having a Unique supply chain network with proper knowledge of markets Cupid’s one main strength is Making things happen with minimum effect on your daily businesses.

From Listening to Success

Listening is at the core of Cupid’s promise of success. Beginning with proactive communication and engagement, we listen to understand each customer’s business objectives and takes on the task of outlining a unique plan of solutions, innovations, and products/services with a goal of creating a positive partnership experience. Cupid remains an engaged partner throughout every step of the Supply-Chain process.

Experienced supplier of ASC, BAP, ISO, Halal, IFS certified and traditional frozen seafood from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.


Black Tiger Shrimps

(Raw / Blanched / Cooked)

»Head On Shell On (HOSO)

»Head On Tail On BODY PEELED

»Headless Shell On (HLSO)

»Easy Peel Headless Shell On

»Peeled Deveined (PD) Tail On/ Tail Off

»Peeled Undeveined (PUD) Tail On/ Tail Off

Vannamei/American White Shrimps

»Head On Shell On (HOSO)

»Head On Tail On BODY PEELED

»Headless Shell On (HLSO)

»Easy Peel Headless Shell On

»Peeled Deveined (PD) Tail On/ Tail Off

»Peeled Undeveined (PUD) Tail On/ Tail Off

»Broken/Reddish Shrimps

Fresh water and Sea Water Shrimps

»HOSO with Claw or without claw

»Headless Shell On (HLSO)

»Easy Peel Headless Shell On BBQ Cut

»Peeled Deveined (PD) Tail On/ Tail Off

Value Added products

»Shrimp Skewers

»Shrimp Rings with sauce or without sauce

»Breaded Torpedo/Butterfly Shrimp

»Sushi Products

»Nobashi (Raw or Pre-fried)

»Battered Shrimps


»Ready Meals

»Finger foods (spring roll/Samosa)

Fish & Cephalopods

»Fish fillets or whole gutted

»Fish or Seafood Skewers

»Cuttlefish (Sushi Maki, Matsukasa, Baby)

»Squid / Octopus (Tentacles, Rings, Baby)

»Breaded. Battered Fish

»Other Sushi Products

Our Networks

We have our offices and partners in different origins to make sure the quality and price our customer gets are the best. We have developed a unique supply chain that can source any seafood from any country. However main origins right now are:
India | Bangladesh | Indonesia | Vietnam | China | Denmark (coldwater prawn)

Our Markets:

The secret of our success is our customers and partners. We work with all types of customers worldwide. Europe’s one of the biggest Importer Seafood connection is our EXCLUSIVE PARTNER for Holland. Our products end up in 5 star hotels to Supermarkets like Auchan, Carrefour in Poland through our customers.However our products can be found in below countries mostly though this not the full list.Read More...
USA, Canada, Middle East and Russia we are looking for some clients-
Holland | China | Vietnam | Belgium | Austria | Poland | Ukraine | Italy | Greece | Latvia | Germany | Demark | Norway | Sweden | United Kingdom | Jersey | Russia

Quality & Commitment

We believe in long term business, to avoid issues the first thing we do is choosing the right partners at origins. UNLIKE other agents we don’t buy from ANY producers! We developed together with some packers in each origin such partnership that they value our customers and we award more and more business to them. Our highly experienced and educated Quality Assurance and Control teams make sure the rest.

A right partner always makes sure his finished products quality must be as per order or stand with their products in case any issue. In return we develop and award them the most businesses possible. We understand what quality you want and implement them through our offices or with our partners.

Experienced supplier of ASC, BAP, ISO, Halal, IFS certified and traditional frozen seafood from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Contact Us

+44 788 935 4055
169, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M14 7DS, United Kingdom


+How can we be Cupid’s customer?

Every customer’s demand and market are different. Therefore, we prefer to discuss and understand first how our expertise can support your supply chain.

+What makes Cupid different than other agents or traders?

The answer is the reason of Cupid Trading’s birth within seafood industry. Researching last 12 years we short listed what customers sometimes miss with other businesses like us that could in fact help the customers to grow more or run the business more smoothly. For example, FIRST WE DO NOT WANT TO SELL TO ALL CUSTOMERS IN SAME COUNTRY WHEN WE HAVE A CUSTOMER IN THAT COUNTRY, even if we must, we discuss with our existing customer FIRST even before offering other customer in that country. What else? Our commitment to your business, quality, information sharing, un-biased suggestions and expertise to source the right products from right origin at right time with competitive prices are our PRIDE. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a cheap products or trader than we are not one of them. We can only accept you as customer if you are looking for long term mutually beneficial relationship and to get best value out of the products for the price paid. In return we will give you such business experience you have never seen before.

+Does Cupid have any outlet?

Unfortunately, No. We do not have any outlets. We have partner offices in different origins.

+Can Cupid deliver by Pallets?

Sorry to disappoint you. Now we prefer to support our corporate customers such a way not to create competition with our existing customers as part of our UNIQUE self-committed Exclusivity. We have a plan for this in future which all our customers will be notified well before execution and will only take place after discussing with our customers to find a market for us where customer does not deliver.

+I am not a customer, but I need some information about seafood market. Can I contact Cupid?

Of Course, you can contact us for any information that may help your business if the information requested does not interrupt our customer’s confidentiality and privacy policies.

+How to contact Cupid?

Please see our contact us section.